I really don't know what category to put this in, since I don't know where
the problem is exactly. Ok this is the full story.

Are current ISP gives us an static fake ip address that's re-directed to an
static real address (for what ever reason). So for example my fake static ip
for an external address on my wg2500 box is 10.251.2.X (fake static). But if
you want to connect from outside the network via VPN you connect with
129.132.X.X (real static) address.

The SOHO WG2500 box is plugged into are windows 2000 server computer
( and does the DHCP for the local network and for the remote
access users(VPN). So the DHCP scope looks at the SOHO WG2500 box's IP which
is, then the DHCP address assigned are to, then the DHCP servers are and (other server).

So my problem is the new ISP has no funny fake static ip's or anything. It's
a plan jane no restriction real static ip. So when I unplug the current ISP
and plug in are new ISP is just changed the external address info on the
SOHO box to new information. Once I did that the internet works great. So
really, the only thing I need to change is the IP address that my remote
user login with. So I changed the IP for the clients to the new static IP.
Once I did that, I could not connect to the server. It never said denied
access or anything. It just was not there. But on the client computers I can
ping the external address fine.

Once I had that problem, I plugged my old ISP box back in the SOHO and
everything started to work fine. I just can't find the problem stopping me
from fixing this for my new ISP. One thing I should mention, the old did
setup the windows 2000 server's. So I guess it is possible they have hidden
settings some where. But I can't find them!!!!

Any Idea's would really help.