I am new for firewalls. I just purchased a 3com firewall 3cr16110-95
Superstack 3. I ahev already update the firmware and finished setting up.
But I have problems now......

I found my internet connection will drop almost everyday. sometimes once a
day, sometimes twice a day. I have to restart the firewall to get the
connection back. I kind of thought about firewall problem, so I called 3com.
3com tech told me I need to isolate the firewall. Could anyone tell me how
to do it?

I have questions are:
- is it normal that firewall disconnect like this so often? I am sure it's
not because the log file full cuz I setup to over write the log. THe
firewall shouldn't disconnected when the log is full.
- 3com told me that if the machine has no problem, then that might be the
computer got virus and this kind of virus will make firewall stop working.
Is it true?
- The machines I put behind the firewall all have antivirus protection and
windows update are all up to date. Is there anything I can do to find out
which machine is hacking my firewall?
- I do really see a long log in my firewall. it is normal? THis is some of
the log in my firewall.
TIME MEssage Source
Destination Notes Rule
xx/xx/xx TCP connection dropped,52594
(firewall WANIP),135 WAN RPC Mapper 0
xx/xx/xx TCP connection dropped, 4426, WAN
(firewall WANIP),445 WAN Type:445 0
xx/xx/xx TCP connection dropped, 3200, WAN
(firewall WANIP),5554 WAN Type:445 0
xx/xx/xx Denied UDP packet from LAN, 8183, LAN
(firewall LANIP),1900 LAN

I really need to solve the problem. If you have any suggestion such as
ideas, books, websites please let me know. THank you