I have gotten Gibraltar Firewall on a live CD.
Gibraltar version 1.2.
I am trying to set it up as a gateway using a modem.
I have Gibraltar booting and running from the CD.
I have it configured, I can start PPPd and then
I can ping out, so that works.
Pon and poff ISPname dials in and shuts down
properly therefore.
Hostname returns Gibraltar, and in networking
I see eth0 is set to

So far so good

I can start another machine using Mandrake 9.0
and can ping

But I cannot get anything else to work so far.
KNode for example cannot contact the ISP
to download a list of newsgroups, it returns a
cannot access server error message.

I have editted the Gibraltar host.allow file
and entered:

ALL:10.0.0:20:ALLOW . being my Mandrake machine's IP address
The gateway is set to 10.0.01, same as Gibraltars eth0
but still no joy.
DNS is set to the same number I use
to contact the net through my ISP.

I have checked networking and both systems are running
and connected properly to a Netgear switch.
I can ping from the Mandrake machine at

What could I be missing or over looking?
I have two machines I want to get connected
to the net via this gateway.

Then I will try NAT masquerading.
But I want to get this working first.

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