I need to setup a quite complex firewalling design, and I'm too new in the
linux world to write directly iptables roules.

Using guarddog and guidedog I already configure the rest of the firewall,
but something missing and I can' resolve it...

I have the internet gatway (router), with for ex this IP. and IP. the first one accept ip client range ( and the
second one the range (

In protect side of the firewall I implent a range Ip
adressing, now what i want is to redirect all the traffic generated from Ip
( to first gatway and
( to second gatway.

To do this I install two (internet) eth card on the firewall, one with
IP. GATWAY: and the other one with IP: GATWAY:

I also create two different zone (USER A) and (USER B) with guarddog, but I
don't know how to connect a zone to an eth card...

can anyone help me?

Many thanks,