I have the following network setup at home:

||===< [BOX1] DynIP by
|| Windows 2k Pro/Linux
||===< [BOX2]
|| Windows 2k/Linux
||===< [BOX3]
|| Windows 98/Linux
||===< [BOX4]
DOS/Windows 95/Linux

In all the BOX'es I use Linux 2.4.24. As you can see it's a heterogeneous
network, with all my machines from the past 10 years.
Some of them are old but all of them are more than capable for the WWW and
for the testing part of my development work.
At present my BOX1 when in Linux uses NAT to route the other BOX's trafic to
the Internet and all works great.
But in Win2K the "Enable Internet connection sharing" only works if the
BOX's in the private all use DHCP.

My question is:
Is there a way to use NAT with Win2k Pro that allows for static IP's in
private network?
Or for the same IP's to be given to the same machines?

I could use an old BOX running Linux for dedicated routing/filtering but
most of the time I only use the BOX1 and all the others are off so it seems
a wast of energy.

Thank in advance,
Pedro Carvalho