I have an Apple Airport base station, and three machines: G4 Powerbook,
Acer Laptop (XP Pro, all updates), and a homebuilt desktop. A router
connects them to the broadband modem.

The desktop is cabled to the router, the other two machines access the
router through the Airport.

The Powerbook has no issues at all.

The laptop has ceased accessing the internet via the Airport. It
connects to Airport, but that's all. Repairing shows renewal of IP
address etc, but it will not connect to the 'net. For a week or two, it
was able to connect to the 'net after Repairing the wireless connection,
now it cannot connect at all. There is no problem when I connect to the
router with cable.

The most recent updates have been patches to the .NET framework, and I
suspect this may be the cause. But I don't know how to fix it.

Please help.


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