I have been using a Bt Voyager 2110 since november with no problems until a
few days ago.
Im using an ethernet cable as the wireless adapter never connected. All has
been fine until the adsl light and internet light on it went off. Tried
unplugging and switching back on but to no avail.
By chance i discovered that I get reconnected when using the phone but as
soon as I put the receiver down the internet goes off again.
Bt checked the line and said there was no line fault, however the next day I
had to ring them again using neighbours phone as my line had gone dead. In
the meantime I had bought a whole new set of phone cables and a brand new
filter to see if that resolved my problem. This time Bt said there was a
fault and came the next day (i didnt see them ) and fixed it. The phone
actually worked again the night before they came out )
But its still doing it, I have had to dial out a non existent number on my
phone to be able to get online to post this on here. The second I hang up my
phone I will go offline.
I have contacted my isp Orange at the rate of 50p a minute and they are as
much use as a chocolate teapot. Can anyone suggest what I should try next as
I cant receive calls due to the fact Im having to be on the phone to get