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I've got a problem getting win98se to connect with my adsl modem.
the modem is a Centurytel flavored Netopia 3341.

PC1 connects to it via USB cable and the Cayman drivers included with the

PC2 connects via straight-through ethernet cable (NOT a crossover cable)
from a Mercury C39 10/100 ethernet card.

Both PC's are Win98SE, PC2 dual boots debian sarge.

On PC2 I've got the adapter entry in the networking applet, along with
tcp/ip, Client for microsoft networks and Frinter and File sharing.

I tried using windows Internet Connection Sharing from PC1, but PC2 cannot
see or connect to, PC1. Yes, Both PC's have identical (new) NIC's.

I have tried every possible arrangement of options on everything (including
re-installing windows with default settings) in an effort to get the
computer to be able to connect to the modem when I run the Cayman setup
utility that comes with the modem.

I have also tried using RASPPPOE_98B and RASPPPOE_99 and it also fails to
connect to the modem at all.

This exact same hardware setup (with zero changes) has absolutely no problem
connecting when I boot the Debian Sarge Linux side of my dual boot ... no
centurytel software needed at all.

The other day after thirty tries, it WAS working, windows was able to
connect to the modem's control page and the internet in general. I
installed a firewall (sygate personal, have used it for years without
complaint), and on re-booting windows is once again unable to connect to
the internet.

I'd appreciate any suggestions. I'd consider running Linux full time but
there's still some windows only things that I need online and this machine
is just not up to running Debian AND Wine AND my Windoze programs at the
same time (it's a very old 64mb P200.)

Thanks for any help...

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