I'm doing a small volunteer project (for my house, actually) of a few
computers hooked together to form a sub-network, then the actual
network. What I want to do (I think) is be able to plug the wireless
into the "WAN" port of a wired router (Take a while to read that over!)
I have a wireless DSL modem/router with a few computers on it. I also
set up two (three if this works) servers, both directly on the wireless,
and a connection between one of them and a Linux Computer (all computers
are windows up to now). I'm wondering, how can I set it up so that I can
have a little domain set up for my servers, and just access a basic
domain for my servers? For example, my HTTP server is on Mistermarx, and
my FTP is on Stanley. Instead of typing in "mistermarx" in the browser,
or "ftp stanley", how can I make it so I type "homenet.net" in either of
them? I know that the "WAN" function of routers will split requests if
you set them up correctly. And one last thing: I want to be able to use
at least my linux computer as a desktop computer as well as a server.

poly-p man