I can now simulate remote control inside my Home LAN. (When I come back home
for X'mas long holiday)
My home's Desk-Top is My LapTop is
It is just a very simple job to set-up PC-Anywhere software for remote
control for this 2 computers inside a LAN.

After X'mas holiday, I will bring my LapTop to work in another city 2000 Km
away from home.
My LapTop has to access my Home computer via Internet and pass through my
home's router.
For example:-
My home's router's WAN address is (Dynamic, floating IP), and
LAN address is fixed at

Question 1:-
When my Laptop access my home computer through Internet.
What is the Address of my home computer ?? URL:-\\ ???

Question 2:-
Do I need to do something call Port Forwarding on my Home's Router ??
How to set this Router's Port forwarding ??? So that I can access my computer behind the router ??

Question 3:-
When my Laptop's PC-Anywhere software is working behind Hotel's Router.
Do I need to ask the Hotel's Operator to set some Port-Forwarding on the
Hotel's Router ???

Question 4:-
For Win XP's Remote Desktop, the Sound on the HOST machine is transfered to
the remote CLIENT together with the Display & Keyboard. But in PC-Anywhere,
only Display & Keyboard are transfered to the remote CLIENT. The Home
Computer's speaker's voice is not transfered to my remote LAPTOP.
Because I need to listen to Internet's Radio Broadcast via my home computer
(which is located in an democracy country, without any government's control
on the Internet). on the other hand, I work in an Communist Country where
the Government banned all those Radio Broadcast. (Proxy Server software do
not solve this problem), only Win XP's remote desktop (Hopefully with a
security tunnel) can solve this problem. Is there any similar feature
of Computer's voice transfer in PC-Anywhere ????