Just replaced my DLink router with built-in print server with a NETGEAR
WGR614 v6 wireless router, which is working just fine.
Picked up an HP JetDirect EX Plus on eBay and have it physically
installed and installed the web admin software, even did a successful
firmware upgrade on the JetDirect.
Printer I am trying to use is an HP Laserjet 6L (desktop printer).

I've tried everything I could understand in the HP WebJetAdmin program,
the Netgear built in web server setup, and cannot get the printer
online. BTW, while using the HP software the printer is sometimes
recognized correctly and sometimes listed as disconnected.

I know the solution lies in correct IP addressing but can't figure out
the correct combination or how to make needed changes.

TIA for any help.

****************Ken Browne*********************
clacking the keys in olde Sturbridge village, MA
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