I have a Linksys wireless router running off a Windows P.C.
The satellites are my Linux P.C. and my wife's Windows 98
P.C. Recently our D.N.S. stopped working. I found that
the D.N.S. address specified in the Linksys software no
longer responded. The host P.C., however, still has D.N.S.,
which seems strange.

I fixed my Linux P.C. by simply editing /etc/resolv.conf to
use my mail provider's domain server. But I can't see how
to do the same on Windows 98. Any suggestions?

BUM: Say, mister, can you spare a dollar?

CRACKERS: I can easily spare the sum you name, but it
seems to me that most beggars would customarily suggest
a more modest amount, such as a nickel.

BUM: I guess they would, at that; but I am ambitious, and
mean to rise in my chosen calling.

--Horatio Alligator, "Admiral Boniface's Parrot"
Col. G. L. Sicherman