I am currently using a 3Com 812 router. My DSL provider (Frontier) is
in the process of upgrading their ADSL hardware/software to ADSL 2.0 and
has informed me that the 812 will no longer be supported. The
replacement they gave me (a Speedstream 5835) does not support DNS relay
that I use on the 812. (To clarify this, the 812 allows me to enter
static domain routes using the domains I have and route them to an
inhouse IP... for example I put in www.mydomain.com and
as the IP it routes the traffic for that domain into the box with that
inhouse IP.)

More info... I have one (1) static IP that Frontier provides me. I
currently have about 10 domains mapped to it. My main server runs linux
and does web and mail hosting for the domains. I would like the ability
to use more than one server (thus map to more than one in-house
192.168.*.* IP).

Does anyone know of a router that will do this or of a better solution?
Would running a linux box using a linux-based router package like
Freesco work? Frontier has been of little help, as they have no clue
how to support this... and I've had little help from hardware
manufacturers too.

Thanks in advance for any/all advice.