So far this thing has been a piece of crap. I'll get 2 wired systems and 1
wireless connected through a magical series of resets. Then I'll take the
wireless to work and not connect up to anything. Bring it home and it
obtains an ip address and says it's connected with an ip. Yet I try to go to
another computer or on to the internet for that matter and I get nothing. I
reset the wireless system, try a few ipconfig / release / renews and I get
nothing. Then I upplug the router for a min and plug it back in. Now the
wireless still doesn't work and neither does the wired. I do an ipconfig
/release / renew on the wired and I get an error which says it cannot get
the dhcp info because access is denied.

The next step is to do a hard reset of the router via the paper clip and go
through and re - set all my settings.

Anyone have any thoughts other than my current one which is return it and
buy another model.