I have a wireless network set up at home that has
2 XP's both SP1
2 Win98's
The network is set up with a router - access point.
One of the 98's ties into the router with Ethernet.
The others are wireless.
Everything works except that the one Win98 cannot access one of the XP's
It can access the other 2 computers without any problems but when I try to
access the one XP's shared folders I get a Error 51 -- the computer is not
receiving requests.
The other Win98 and XP can access the XP without a problem.
Also the XP can access the both Win98's.
I have Norton on that XP and have disabled it and it doesn't help. I can
find no reason why this one computer cannot access the XP when it can access
the others and the other computers can access the XP.
Both XP's have the XP firewall turned off.

Is there somewhere on the XP that would block one specific computer?
I know I can through Norton - but I've disabled it and it doesn't help.

Any suggestions are appreciated.