Need help from out there!

Following setup:

I use my Grandstream ATA 486 behind the DSL and connect my netgear
FR114P to the ATA - This Setup was recommended by grandstream to use
my IP-Phone (connected to the ATA) with the best connection. Guess the
setup is OK.

The only problem i have: how do I setup port forwarding through this 2
routers? I setup the port forwarding on the FR114P and the ATA486 as
described under but it doesn´t work (as i still
have a low ID on emule). I guess the problem is the ATA 486. The setup
there is as follows:

WAN-Port .... LAN-IP ..... LAN-Port ...... TCP/UDP

I´m not sure if WAN and LAN port are the same and if the LAN-IP should
be the one from the FR114P ( or the Static Ip from my
computer ( which i setup for the FR114P.

Hope there are some good hints out there. THANX in advance