Greetings All!
While I do process "some" computer knowledge & I can build a basic
system, I just don't get this..............

My husband & I share an internet connection (DSL) via a wireless router

connected to my desktop.He's running XP on his laptop w/a wireless
card.I had to reset the modem & after doing so, I can no longer access
the internet or get to my email.If I run winfig, I get nothing - I
can't release/renew my IP address, which obviously isn't valid.I can
rule out the router & modem are suspect because I've been using the
laptop. I've tried to uninstall/reinstall the nic to no avail. I also
uninstalled/reinstalled the TCI/IP protocols as well. I've looked
allover for help. The only other things I can come up w/is either 1)a
corrupt TCP stack, 2) a winsock issue or, 3)my nic needs replacement.
Not that I know about 1 or 2 - I've read alot lately. Please advise.