We have a BT managed router going to a firewall and then cat 5 cabling
throughout the building. Every afternoon the system grinds to a halt.
A reboot of the router sorts the problem.
It is a fixed faceplate filter. Master Socket with single lead to BT
Router, from router single lead to a Firebrick then various
connections to ports throughout the branch. Absolutely nothing else
connected. The router has been replaced x4 times. Sat 12/02 we saw x63
line drops on this circuit, thereafter the occasional drop out but the
EU has experienced a degradation in system speed ever since. They have
repeatedly power cycled the router and as a result have seen a short
term improvement in system speed. Have been doing this every 2-3 days.
We have tested the cabling with a cable tester and the cabling is
When the system goes slow we have checked cpu usage on the server,
pinged the router and pinged the individual pc. All come back showing
no problem. We have checked the firebrick logs and we can't see
anything wrong. We have also run virus scans and the pc's are clean

Does anyone have any ideas?