My daughter has an old PII with the system drive way too full. I'd
like to image the system drive and the slave to my laptop then reverse
the master-slave configuration and restore the images but with the
system partition going on the larger drive (now master).

All this would be pretty straightforward if my laptop weren't a domain
member and if my daughter's internet provider weren't using a proxy
server arrangement that makes authentication into the domain

I would normally simply use Bart's boot disk to create network drives
to a couple of shared folders on the laptop and then use Ghost to do
the imaging and restoring (I do this sort of thing all the time at home
when I make backup images of my laptop).

The problem, of course, is that MSClient on Bart's BD can't get
authenticated by my domain server so I can't mount a network drive to a
folder on my laptop.

Is there any solution to this other than removing my laptop temporarily
from the domain--which I don't want to do because everything is working
splendidly on my laptop at the moment?