Dear all.

I wanted to find out if this is possible. Please advise.

I have a site with an SBS server on it running exchange and holding
important core information. I have another site that i want to build
an SBS server identical to this in. I want to set up a VPN and
replicate new data over the link at nights.

Also, in the event of the first site going down, i can get the users
to use their laptop to connect to the remote site using a VPN secure

Firstly is this possible?

Secondly, does anyone have any information of replication software
they can recommend?

Thirdly, i've heard that i cant replicate the email. If this is the
case, i may setup the exchange on the remote site as a secondary mail
record so in the event of the first SBS going down, the second will
pick up all mail. I can then restore the last backup tape form the
first site onto the remote server.

Any help will be greatly appreciated

Take care