I have a small network with approx. 9 machines connected. We are
connected to BT Broadband and have a Speed Stream Model 5861 cable
modem. Connected to that and doing all the routing is a Netgear WGR
614 wireless router. So the WGR 614 routes the traffic through the
Speed Stream to the internet.
My problem is this. If you try and connect to a website that doesn't
respond or you click on a link within a web page before the page has
finished loading, the connection to the internet will lock up. I have
set up a little batch file that pings the Speed Stream and the WGR
614. If I watch the pinging, the Ping to the WGR 614 carries on o.k.
but at the very moment I lose internet connection, the Speed Stream
stops responding to pings.
The strange thing is, if I go to one of the other computers on the
network, they can still connect to the net and ping the Speed Stream.
The only way you can get the connection back is to restart the pc that
won't connect. It then works fine.
Some machines are running XP, some Win98 it doesn't seem to matter.
Also it doesn't matter if your using the wireless connection or one of
the wired ethernet ports on the router. Sorry for such a long winded
post but a bit of background is needed.
Anybody idea what the heck is going on?

Many Thanks,