I have been using ADSL router (D-Link DSL-500G) connection since last month
(used to connect to Internet using dial-up modem which still available now).
I'm using LimeWire file sharing software for both downloading and uploading
Whenever I use LimeWire with router connection, I find that in Limewire:

1) The file searching showed relatively less results, ie. it showed
relatively less number of available hosts (available to be downloaded) for a
specific file compare to if I'm using dial-up connection and search... (This
happened frequently)

2) The uploading slot is rarely active, most of the time it shows zero
uploading and occasionally one uploading. However, if using dial-up
connection, obviously after I have connected to LimeWire network, my
uploading slots are very busy (from 2 to 5 active uploading mostly).

It seems that the router connection always "blocked" or filtered some of the
hosts from reaching to my computer (shared folder) and vice versa. I would
like to know how to solve this and enable all the incoming and outgoing
network traffic (make it as universal as possible). Thanks for helping.

P/s: I tried using different version such as 4.0.8 and 4.1.4 but the
situations remain.