I am in charge of a 15 computer network environment and in the near
future everything has to be upgraded. We have a server running Net ware
5.1.9f, our workstations run Windows 98 and are only Pentium IIs, and
the big problem is that we are running an old DOS version of a software
package that is the heart of the company.

Having said this, in what order would you approach the upgrade. The old
system is still needed since all the old style DOS data has to be kept
for a couple of years. We are looking at upgrading to Windows XP pro.
The server is a Compaq Presario - 9.1 Gig, 256 RAM and I believe a
Pentium 350 as well. So it needs to be upgraded.

I am not a trained professional and don't know much about Net ware! I
will have a company assist us with this when it comes to data transfer
and stuff. But I need to have a good approach. Would it be best to
replace the workstations first, the server first? The new software will
reside on the server and the workstations have to have Windows XP Pro.
Is there anything I need to watch out for?

I would appreciate any advise or suggestions you can give.

Thank you for reading.