not v hi tech here, i have two pc's and a null modem cable. I want to
shift some files from one to the other. So i connected cable to com1
and com1. running xp and w2k. set up network places, pushed connect,
and they are connected. i can ping them, i can net send a message.
but can't make anything else work. tried hyperterm, various file
shifting programs eg pc-link and zip221, tried ftp, tried searching my
network places. nothing apart from ping and net send in cmd window
recognize something is attached. best solution would just be a dos
command i could use to push/send files, otherwise a free program which
sees the open serial com1 connection and can act on that. i#m sure
this is simple, but then so am i, i've tried everything i know.
thanks for any suggestions, esp simple ones. kkk