(apologies for the long message - trying to cover all details -
summary: wireless router often drops internet connection)

I recently bought an RG54G2 Wireless Router a CB54G2 PCMCIA Wireless
card and a D-Link GWL-630 PCMCIA Wireless card. In addition to two
laptops connected to the wireless router WLAN, I have two PCs (one Win
WP Pro SP 1 and one Win98SE) connected to the router via wired LAN. I
also have a SurfBoard SB3100 Cable Modem connected to the WAN port
(this connects to my ISP Optusnet (Australia) via DHCP).

The problem I have is that the internet connection is disconnected
many times a day (often every few minutes, sometimes an hour or so).
I am able to reconnect by resetting the wireless router via the
wireless router configuration page. When the internet is disconnected
I am still able to access the computers on the LAN/WLAN (via Windows
Explorer and Ping), I am also able to ping the router and the Cable
Modem, but nothing outside of the cable modem.

Also, when the internet is disconnected the System Status page
indicates that the router is still connected to the internet, and the
Diagnostics page passes the Test Connection test, though no external
pings work.

I did not have this problem when the cable modem was connected
directly to the Win98SE PC (and other PCs via ICS and a four port

I have disabled the WLAN and the problem still exists with only the
wired LAN.

I have changed numerous settings in the wireless router config page
with no success (eg disabling DHCP and setting each IP address,
minimising LAN and WLAN speeds to 10 and 11MBps plus others).

I have upgraded the wireless router firmware to R1.0.6.0 (no change to
the problem).

Searching on Google I have found several other cases of routers with
unstable internet connections (none refering to the MSI routers), but
none had solutions that helped my situation (most replies suggested
updating the firmware).

Any suggestions of how to make the router internet connection stable?