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Bachelor's Degree in Information Systems or equivalent science
oriented discipline. Certified MCSE, CNE, Checkpoint Firewall. Strong
proficiency in MS Office, MS Word, MS Project, MS Powerpoint and MS

This position is responsible for analyzing customer requirements and
developing detailed network engineering design and network security
specifications to meet those requirements. While working within a
technical support services delivery group, this position will be
responsible for primary system/network architecture planning, design
and implementation. Specifically, the candidate will participate in
engineering design meetings and collaborative work groups. Will
occasionally lead or take part in technical team activities, or
singularly conduct tasks in requirements analysis, due diligence,
research, assessment, design, testing, implementation and network life
cycle support of software/hardware network engineering and network
security solutions. Will plan, schedule and implement technical
solutions in an operational environment. Perform prototype
development, configuration and testing to finalize best-fit technical
solutions. Analyze and troubleshoot complex network LAN/WAN
configurations to ensure high availability of network and computing
platforms for primarily, but not limited to, Windows Client/Server
Networks, MS Exchange, MS Mail Client/Server, MS Office, Peer to Peer
Networks, Novel Client Server Networks, Ethernet Topologies and
equipment, various modem hardware, T1, ISDN, DNS, SMTP, Multiplexing,
RS530, RS232 and associated standards, TCP/IP and other common
protocols, IPX, Cisco routers, Bay Networks, packet switched networks,
frame relay networks, Integrated Digital Network Exchange, ATM, FDDI,
PVC, SNA Networks and Gateway environments, as well as with various
network security encryption schemes and associated network tools and
equipment. The candidate selected for this position must have the
ability to handle stress and work well under pressure in a 24x7
support environment, use MS Office, MS Word, MS Project, MS Powerpoint
and MS Excel proficiently, and be able to provide engineering support
for multiple projects at the same time. The candidate selected will
also be required to support the services delivery operations staff as
required and in the capacity and scope of this position. Will install,
configure and support Checkpoint Firewall redundant environments. The
candidate selected for this position must also provide a demonstrated
ability to analyze internal or external customers' needs, and
determine equipment and software requirements for solutions to
problems by means of automated systems; develop customized solutions
to customer/user problems. Establish network parameters; ensure
network hardware/software compatibility; network security solutions
and coordinate and/or modify user requirements in terms of existing
and projected computer capacity and capabilities, such as with
bandwidth and network redundancy issues. Analyze new network hardware
to determine its need or application in the existing or proposed
system/network/configuration; advise on new techniques, strategize and
make trade-off analyses; develop general and detailed documentation
describing network specifications and operating instructions; and
revise existing networks and procedures to correct deficiencies and
maintain more effective data throughput meeting projected input/output
requirements. Frequently uses industry practices and techniques,
applying standard concepts and principles. Independently apply
solutions of moderate scope and complexity.