I am using Windows 2K

I am having serious problems with my wireless Netgear MA111 USB adaptor v1. It
works fine in the beginning but as time went on it increasingly after
a certain period of time (1hr or 2) the icon in the
system tray (the computer that flashes different colors) will freeze
so that you cannot pull the menu from it and then disappear from the
tray. The adaptor itself shuts off its connection light and is hot to
the touch. taking it out and plugging it back in will only cause it to
light up for a second then it goes back out. Even switching to a fresh
adaptor does no good. I have to restart the computer to gain a working
connection. I've tried hanging the adaptor in a place where it is air
cooled but even then it still just shuts off after an hour or two.
I've upgraded to the latest drivers for the adaptor. nothing seems to
be amiss with my MR814 v2 router...