got this over EM can anyone help my mate, I can't

Apologies in advance to anybody who wonders what the hell I'm on about
here ... I wrote it and I'm not even sure !!!!!

Thanks for the offer Al, but I should be OK for cables ... the problem
I've got is that I have PC1 & the ADSL modem here in the front room &
PC1 runs a cable to the Games Room where the hub is, which has a short
cable to PC2 also in the Games room ...

If I replace the Hub with the Router, it means it's nowhere near the
ADSL Modem ... which come to think of it, is a USB modem so probably
means I have to get a router with an integrated modem anyway !!!!!!!!!

So ... I have to get a Router with an integrated modem to replace this
modem and to sit here (where the phone line is) and I can run a cable
directly to my NIC card as it is & this PC will work exactly the same
as it does now.

Then I have to add a wireless network card to PC2 to replace the
current one and I can do away with the hub and all the wiring in
between ... is that right ?!?!?!? Then I have to set up the Network
again ?!?!?!?

Gaz - the confused one !!!