Hi Guys can anyone help me on configuring Vlan on Nortel passpot 8600
L3 and l2 Switches as Bay stack 425

I would like to do Ipsubnet based Vlan .At some extend i am successful
due to help form same site from Mr MC thanks but still i am having
small issue as getting disconnected every 10 min and gets connected
back after 5 mins .

setting i had undergone as on l3 and l2

L3 8600 config

VLAN type = ipsubnetbased
Vlan Id=5
Vlan name = vlan-5
stg=(1) 1-8
port members = 1-8
staticmembers= 1-8(potential )
subnet add =
mask =
aging time = 600 sec ???????(Dont know what is this )
Problem is we keep on disconnecting every 10 min and getting
connected after 5 min .Is there any time setting some where for
configuring Dynamic Vlan .

So Please help in stoppiing this error

Thanks chetan