Dear All,

I need your help............

I am using a ASUS wireless WL-500g router and a ASUS Wireless WL-161
USB type adapter. All the security setting including WEP are disabled.

Currently, I have two desktops and one laptop. All are using XP
Professional with installed SP1a.

I tried to use this adapter with my laptop and the two desktop
computers with "Get IP automatically & GET DNS automatically". None of
the systems able to get IP successfully. And, I also tried to set
"STATIC IP". But, I still cannot ping the router address and I am
unable to connect to internet.

Meanwhile, the ASUS setup utility told me that my adapter has
associated with the ASUS WL-500g router. And, the router also indicate
that the wireless adapter is connected with it.

Does anyone experienced a similar problem before? Please kindly advise


Dennis Lau