Hi all, i have this question about DLSW
i have three branches each with a cisco 2600 router, which contains a
token ring interface and an ethernet interface.

now i was trying to configure dlsw on the three routers, and i found
on cisco site a document for the basic dlsw configuration.

in this configuration examples, there was an example for a two
branches one with one token ring interface and the other with a token
and an ether interfaces.

the commands to link both of them were as follows

router A
Source-bridge ring-group 2000
source-bridge transparent 2000 1000 1 1 -- (for ethernet linking)

interface ethernet 0

Bridge-group 1

interface token 0

Source-Bridge 1 1 2000
Source-Bridge Spanning


for the other router (the one with only Tkr interface)
Router B

Source-bridge ring-group 2000

interface Tkr 0
Source-Bridge 2 1 2000
Source-Bridge Spanning


so i see that if we are connecting routers in dlsw we use the same
ring group number which is 2000 in this example, and for the tkr
interface the first digit in the source-bridge command must be
different for all rings.

now the question is about the transparent bridging using command :
source-bridge transparent 2000 1000 1 1

should i use the same command for all routers, or must any of the four
numbers be changed inorder not to have a conflict between routers. i
think the "2000" is constant.

can any one help me with my problem, does any one have more
complicated dlsw router configuration example

Thanks for your time