I use BitTorrent, a peer-to-peer protocal program, to download live
concerts. In the past I opened up ports 6881-6889 by accessing the
port forwarding section of the LinkSys page, which was the router I
used on my desktop.

I just got a wireless ThinkPad and a wireless LinkSys G-router, and
now I can't get out from behind the firewall. I go to the forwarding
configurations on the LinkSys page, enter port range 6881-6889, fill
in my IP address, select TCP, and check Enable. Still, the page I am
downloading from is listing me as a firewalled leech, with a diff. IP
address than my computer and linksys is giving me!

I'm just an amateur computer user and a huge music lover, so this
firewall is not allowing me to connect to other peers and ultimately,
slowing my downloads! Can anyone help?