Recently, my old computer (PII 333 MHz, 128 MB SDram, run on Win98SE) was
upgraded from 56K dial-up to the newest 6 MBps ADSL.

I use the the CFos software for PPPoE connecting. (This softtware is
provided by my broadband ISP)

The max download speed I can reach is only approx 3.2 MBps (As shown by a
local reputable broadband speed test site)

When I use my newer Laptop (P3 1.4G, 256 MB Ram, run on Win XP home
edition), the max download speed can reach 5.5 to 6.2 MBps (from the
identical speed test site, at identical time & with identical ADSL modem
.......other hardware set-up is also exactly identical)

Why my old computer cannot 100% ultilized the bandwith ????

Does it means that my old computer & its Win98SE OS is already too old ???
with insufficient computer power to handle such high speed download (but 6
MBps is not a very high speed compared with my 10/100 MBps Network Card,
isn't it !!! But Why ????)

Is there wrong software setting in my Dial-Up connection ???? e.g. The CFos
software's setting ????

Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.