I have recently purchased a laptop that has built in Realtek RTL8180
wireless lan. The laptop has xp pro.

I purchased a D-Link DWL120+ usb wireless adapter, which I am running
on my desktop pc with xp home.

I have set the two up, followed the instructions, updated the drivers,
checked just about every possible configuration issue there is. The
D-Link instructions say to disable the windows wireless zero config
service, which I have done on the pc.

I can ping each IP from the other machine (not always successful, but
usually at least 3 out of 4 with only one ping getting lost
occasionally. Both machines have "Mshome" as the workgroup and the
same SSID (I am starting to think it is a BS IS!). I have shared the
drives on both machines. I am pretty sure I have killed off any
firewalls, but I am not certain.

The status window says connected and signal strength excellent, but
for the life of me I cannot see either machine in the "My Network
Places" of the other. I cannot map any network drives. I have an
internet connectionn on the desktop pc attached via usb broadband
cable modem, but I cannot access it from the laptop.

Does anyone now what I am doing wrong? I am going spare trying to get
it working. I have spoken to tech help from both D-Link and the
laptop maker and still no joy. HELP!!!!!