Hi, here's my current setup:

-Alltel 1.5/256 DSL service.
DSL--->Speedstream 5660--->Netgear RP114--->| Hub |-->4 PCs
(modem/router) (router) |------| (with internal static IPs

I've been trying to enable port forwarding by editing the Network
Address Port Translation (NAPT) utility on the Speedstream to point to (netgear router), and then set the RP114 to forward
directly to the internal static IP of the PC I want the port forwarded
to. After applying these settings I then try using a port scanner
like Shields Up (https://grc.com/x/ne.dll?bh0bkyd2) which reports that
every port at my IP, including the port that I set to forward, is in
'stealth' mode(I.E. unavailable). Error looks like this:

timeout : timeout on ip (6 sec)

this means, that we even did not receive a
RESET signal; maybe due to a 'stealth' firewall

I've scoured the web/google/irc for answers and have tried every
configuration I could think of but have had no luck. I also tried
setting the Speedstream to 'bridge mode', but after the change takes
effect I lose connectivity on all 4 machines(can't access the

Does anyone know how I can succesfully open ports? Or how I can get
this configuration to work by setting the Speedstream to 'bridge

Also of note, Alltel claims that they do not block ports. And the
machine that I'm trying to forward ports to is XP Professional, but
the software firewall is disabled.