Back in February of this year, I installed a SonicWall Pro 230 in the
Court House in Marion County. The firewall was pre-configured with VPN
and a static ip address with Galaxy Cable. Everything was working fine
up until about 2 or 3 weeks ago. The internet connection at the Court
House would just get dropped. We could not browse the internet, send
or received email, ping ip addresses (by ip address or dns name) or
anything else internet related. Power cycling the firewall would give
us internet for about 10 minutes until the connection was dropped

After a week or so, power cycling the firewall quit bring the
connection back to life. I went out several times to try and resolve
this myself. The first thing I did was reload the firmware on the
firewall with the same version already on it, which was I
thought this had fixed the problem but the connection ended up being
dropped after a few hours. I then went back to the Court House and
upgraded the firmware to version 6.6. I again thought it was fixed,
but again the connection was dropped after a few hours. Now, having
had the same problem before in Junction City, I did what I did to fix
the Junction City problem, which was reload factory settings on the
firewall. I did this back in March in Junction City and it has worked
fine since, only problem is that the VPN settings are not configured.
Anyway, I tried this in Marion and it again worked for only a few

I called Sonicwall Tech support several times until I reached Level 3
support. I had gotten the firewall to keep the internet connection
active but we were unable to send email. The emails appeared to be
sent, by going to the "sent items" folder in Outlook Express, but the
emails were not arriving to the intended recipients. Sonicwall support
walked me through several things until we finally found out what the
problem was. What we did was remove the static ip address from the
firewall, and have the firewall ask for an IP address from the isp
(galaxy cable). This allowed the emails to arrive at there
destination. Before we figured this out, sonicwall tech support
watched the traffic on the firewall and said the emails were getting
to the mail server
( so it appeared to be working fine, but of
course it was not.

Now, the WAN port went out on the firewall last week and I replaced it
with the same model firewall that I had at my office. I replaced it
last Friday, May 14th. The Clerk of the Court called me this morning
and again the internet connection has been dropped.