Journal of Interconnection Networks
Vol. 5, No. 1 (March 2004)

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Stability Preserving Transformations: Packet Routing Networks with
Edge Capacities and Speeds
Allan Borodin, Rafail Ostrovsky And Yuval Rabani

The Conditional Node Connectivity Of The k-ARY n-Cube
Khaled Day

Average-Case Scalability Analysis Of Parallel Computations On k-ARY
Keqin Li

Pitfalls In Distributed Nonblocking Checkpointing
Weigang Ni, Susan V. Vrbsky and Sibabrata Ray

On The Combinatorial Properties Of k-ARY n-CUBES
H. Sarbazi-azad, M. Ould-Khaoua, L. M. Mackenzie and S. G. Akl

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