Plastic is on the counter,,, have Shirley get you a cold one..

I'm about to setup my 1st router in the house,, I have a Linksys BEFVP41 coming,, I know I don't
need the encryption,, I just fell into a good deal on eBay..

Before I run some wire,, I started looking at the Linksys Powerline gear,, a PLEBR10 bridge and a
PLUSB10 adapter,, I see it's not lighting fast(14Mbps, promised), but I only need access for the
kids and their laptops when they are in town and the idea of allowing then to plug-in to the 110
outlets in the house is appealing..

An additional consideration is the house is new,, has lots of 110 jacks,, also the walls are
sheetrock over 1" ridged insulation & 1x2 furring over CBS, inside walls are stuffed with 6" glass
bats. In other words, it would be a real pain to snake new wire into the walls,, BUT up from the
cellar with floor plugs can be accomplished, as our house in on stilts.

A quick tally for xxx ft of CAT 5 cable, wall/floor outlets, plugs, crimpers, etc, would suggest
that a set of the Powerline gear might be more economical & flexible... I did look at wireless,,,
but I'm a little paranoid about "listener's"..

I also just read a thread about Netgear PowerLine XE102's adapters here, with several great replies
by Steve Winograd(MVP)..

Anyone else using these or someone else's gear via the house 110 wire system?

I thought that data is only routed through half the house grid? Or does it use the neutral and cross
over at the main box? (Netgear's web site says both sides, Linksys??)

Netgear talks about "56-Bit DES Encryption" so you don't share you connections with the neighbors.
Anyone want to give me the $.0010 tour?? I decided against wireless because of snooping,, are
Powerline systems also unsecured??

Any other cons, besides the slower speed..

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