Please see the following job description:

Duration:- Permanent
Rate:- $65K- $70K/ Year + Benefits
location:- Champaign, IL

Information Security Administrator for CMI

Position Description:

Deploy, manage and maintain all security systems and their corresponding or associated software.

Develop, implement, maintain and oversee enforcement of policies, procedures and associated plans for security administration.

Design, implement and report on security system and end user activity audits; monitor server, firewall and network traffic for unusual or suspicious activity; interpret activity and make recommendations for resolution

Recommend and schedule (where appropriate) fixes, security patches and any other measures required in the event of a security breach; assess need for any security reconfigurations and execute if required.

Keep current with emerging security alerts and issues; conduct research on emerging products, services, protocols, and standards in support of security enhancement and development efforts.

Download and test new security software and/or technologies; recommend, schedule and perform security improvements, upgrades and/or purchases and perform other duties as assigned.


Bachelors degree in the field of computer science or equivalent related to IS/IT area (i.e. CISSP) and a minimum of three (3) years experience in IT security, communications security including broad hands-on knowledge of firewalls, intrusion detection systems, antivirus software, data encryption, and other industry standard techniques and practices.

Prior experience must include working knowledge of Network, PC, and platform operating systems, including HP-UX, AIX, SUN, Linux, Windows, Cisco, etc. along with knowledge of security infrastructures within these platforms; strong knowledge of TCP/IP and network administration/protocols.

Strong organization and planning skills.

Self learning skills.

Effective time management and prioritization skills within a multi-tasking environment.

Ability to be flexible and adaptable, possessing confidence to take risks.

Demonstrated ability to work independently and in a teaming environment.

Proficient knowledge in Microsoft Office suite, including Outlook and PowerPoint.

Strong interpersonal and oral and written communication skills.

PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: Physical requirements for a particular position can vary. These must be reviewed with management. General office environment. No other special physical demands required.

Vineet Gupta
Senior Account Executive
22nd Century Technologies, Inc
Office: 360-570-0417