John Dalberg wrote in

> I have to say that D-Link the makers of routers and other network
> hardware offers one of the worst tech support a company offers.
> Yesterday I wasted two hours trying to get some help. I spoke with 4
> different "tech" people who were totally useless, 3 of whom
> disconnected me on purpose!!
> Everytime I call in, I had to wait for at least 20 minutes before
> someone answered. Their system can't tell you how long you'll be
> waiting. You keep getting a message about their heavy volume of calls
> and yak yak yak about their products nonstop ntil you're fed up with
> their pitches. They need to improve thier phone system.
> The first person took some information from me, I explained my
> problem.. tech person told me to hold .. ok.. then I was
> disconntected. I guess he can't help!
> Second support person told me that my D-Link DCS-900W wireless camera
> is not a webcam and it's a security camera which can't be used over
> the web. WHAT!!?? So I asked him what webcam camera can I use. He told
> me he doesn't know and gave me a presales phone number. This is one
> clueless person that D-Link hired. What kind of a tech person who
> doesn't know what his company offers and his job is to support the
> products!!? I mean at least he should know the wireless category of
> products because that's what I chose on the phone system.
> The third person was a female tech support. She took some info and
> when I tried to explain my problem.. she rudely says WHAT!. Puts me on
> hold.. Then I find out I am back in the waiting queue, WTF!!!!!
> Waited for another 20 minutes.. the fourth guy comes up.. here we go
> again.. the same routine...asked me if I called before. These guys
> might have tagged me or something in their database or something, so I
> said no I didn't call before, they guys asks for my phone number so I
> give them my cell number just to start fresh and the guy puts me on
> hold and I get disconnected. I couldn't believe it. They did it again.
> At this point I AM FURIOUS. What's going on is no coincedence.
> These people lack the basic communications and technical skills to
> offer proper help.
> To D-LINK: You're an aweful company. I hope you go out of business due
> to very poor customer support skills. I am going to return your
> products to the store... and hopefully this will increase your costs
> and I hope many people do the same. I will never buy anything from
> you again and we'll shop for Linksys even if they are more expensive.
> D-Link.. I hope people do not buy your products and I truely hope that
> you lose some potential customers due to my posting of this bad
> experience on the web. I wasted hours and you caused me stress and
> frustration and this is my payback to you.
> You need to put more resources on customer support. Your big volume
> of
> phone calls must be due to bad products and support.
> Hanging up on people like this is rude. You probably hire low paid
> tech people who have no interest in providing any support and they are
> going through the phone calls by disconnecting people.
> John Dalberg

Linksys also has a very fragile support structure.
I called them about my Linksys firmware and after three
days I am still left without it.

They have a multi level support system where the 1st level
who you originally talks to only seems to be a receptionist.

I would NOT call their 1st level, Technical Support.
It irks me to see such a large subsidery company have a lanky
technical support.

Linksys Technical Support doesn't seem to have a decent database
either that or the tech support reps were too lazy to put my cases
into the database.

I am amazed at how critical intervewiers are when applying for Tech jobs,
yet to find people like this on the other end.

This was just my experience., sheesh