Hello all,
Iīm pretty often confronted with people saying "the network is too
slow". Of course it isnīt, I use netio V1.23 to do performance tests,
I measure latency times with a simple ping for a couple of hours, and,
of course, utilization etc. is not the problem.
But obviously I must admit, that there are sometimes real problems,
such as printing is incredibly slow, file transfers from a server
takes too much time, or terminal server response time is awful.
So, Iīm only responsible for network, I just present my netio and ping
results and can say, itīs not the network.

Of course I know that the stuff netio and ping measure are pretty
different from real application traffic. There could be time outs, or
packets just might be too different from this test packets.
What tools could help finding these problems? Where do you begin to
solve such problems?
Iīve heard of commercial tools such as IxChariot or NetVCR that might
help here, but I canīt spend so much money.
Thanks, Manuel