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There is an on going effort in wikipedia for compiling a list of
important publications in computer science.


from to computer science and at the bottom of
the page to List_of_important_publications_in_computer_science )

You can already find in this list to some marvelous papers like
Turing's "On computable numbers, with an application to the
Entscheidungsproblem", Shanon's "A mathematical theory of
communication" and "Communication Theory of Secrecy Systems" and many

Take a look at the list.

Check which publications you know and find new important publications.

You are encourged to contribute and add new important publications.

Turing, Rabin, Scott, Hartmanis, Stearns, Cook, Karp, Gaery, Johnson,
Goldwasser, Micali, Rackoff, Goldreich, Shamir, Papadimitriou, Davis,
Logemann, Loveland, Kirkpatrick, Gelatt, Vecchi, Knuth, Coremen,
Leiserson, Rivest, Solomonoff, Chaitin, Shannon, Huffman, Ziv, Lempel,
Cover, Thomas, Corbato, Merwin-Daggett, Daley, Ritchie, Thompson,
Codd, Chen, Agrawal, Imielinski, Swami, Diffie, Hellman, Adleman,
McCarthy, Minsky, Rochester, Gold,

Vapnik, Chervonenkis, Valiant, Blumer, Ehrefeucht, Haussler, Warmuth,
Kearns, Schapire, Li, Lucas, Kanade, Aho, Sethi, Ullman, Hoare,
Pnueli, Dijkstra, Parnas, Brooks, Raymond, Gamma, Helm, Vlissides,
Culler, Patterson, Sahay, Schauser, Santos, Subramonian, von Eicken,
Metcalfe and Boggs –

Congratulations to all of you.

A publication of your made it to this list.

It is quite an achievment, many of the authors in the list are either
Turing award winners or Turing himself…