I have an Extreme 200e24 in our datacenter which has me scratching. We
have a CAT 5e straight cable coming into our rack from the provider.
The provider swears the port on their side is hardcoded for 10baseT
full duplex (they have some Cisco switch). If I plug that cable into
port 1 (which is set to autodetect)on the Extreme, I get a 10baseT
half duplex link which results in CRC and alignment errors and bad
performance. OK, so I set port 4 for manual 10BaseT full duplex on the
Extreme...no link light when cable is plugged in. No link light when
set to 10baseT half duplex or 100baseTX full duplex either.
Auto-polarity is enabled on all ports, so the cable pinout should not
be an issue (it works (poorly) when set to auto after all). I did
disable auto-polarity to test, but same issue. What is going on