Recently I upgrade from 56K dial-up to the newest 6 Mbps ADSL (with PPPoE
dialup software) for my old desktop (an old PII 333 machine run on Win98SE)

My old PII 333 machine has 2 LAN cards installed. (1 for ADSL access, while
the other for sharing files, printers & internet connection to my LapTop
(also an old PIII 500 machine run on Win98SE too), with the Win98's own
built-in Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) software. Because I do not
have any router/switch to share resources between DeskTop & Laptop. This
simple old home network works fine, the only regret is that my old
machine(s) cannot ultilize the 6 Mbps to the greatest extent while running
as a single stand-alone computer. (only 50% of it max capacity are

For the Old PII 333 Desktop, internet access is via the 1st LAN card (a 3Com
3C905B 10/100 NIC). The max possible D/L speed is only 3.5 Mbps from some
local reputable speed-test web-site(s).

The max possible D/L speed for my Old P3 500 Laptop via ICS connection
through my Desktop is again approx 3 Mbps only. (Note:- my desktop's 2nd LAN
card is a Realtek 8319C 10/100 NIC for connecting to my LapTop)

Suprisingly, when both DeskTop & LapTop are downloading simultanously from
speed-test-web-site(s), both machine operate at a D/L speed of 3 Mbps. As
a result the Data Stream passing through my DeskTop's 1st LAN card (3Com
3C905B NIC for ADSL access) can reach the 6 Mbps max possible speed.
BINGO !!!! I can ultilize my newest 6 Mbps ADSL internet access to its
100% rated capacity.

(1) Why Old machine cannot reach 100% of my rated 6 Mbps ADSL's capacity
when running as a stand-alone computer ???, eventhough both my 1st & 2nd LAN
cards are all modern 10/100 Mbps NIC. Believe that 10/100 NIC is not the
bottle-neck of a mere max 6 Mbps speed ADSL.

(2) Why the DeskTop, running ICS software (believe that it is a computer
program doing Data Packet's Network Address Translation NAT job as an
Server, to share the Internet Access to my LapTop via the 2nd LAN card),
consumed my old computer's scare computational power (in technical terms
called "Resource"), can still maintain a full 6 Mbps data stream flow
through my 1st LAN card (3Com 3C905B) ????

(3) Is there any wrong software setting(s) that make my old computer not
using my 6Mbps ADSL capacity to the fullest extent ??? (e.g. the Xon/Xoff
software handshaking process between my old computer & the Modern ADSL modem
via the PPPoE dialup software ?? Does this sort of software handshaking
deplete my scare computer's resources, that make the max rated 6 Mbps speed
impossible ???)

(4) To ultilize the ADSL's speed to the greatest extent, do I need to
upgrade my old machine into a modern machine running the newest OS (e.g. Win
XP) ?????