We are having a strange problem. New Dell 2400, Win XP SP1 connected to
MR814 and Bellsouth DSL (Westell Modem). We cannot connect to our yahoo.com
folders (inbox, outbox, sent, etc.). We can connect to yahoo.com, log in
with our user id and password and see we have mail. But when we click on
Inbox, or any other folder, the system justs sits and eventually displays
the error message :This Page Cannot Be Displayed". It works fine on a
friends PC at his house. Our other PC running Win 98SE which is connected
via wireless with MA311 card exhibits the same unusual behavior. All other
websites and bellsouth email via outlook express work fine. Does anyone know
the answer to this problem? Can you think of any ports we need to open? We
will try DMZ on Monday. I am awaiting responses from Yahoo and Netgear.