I have two computers hooked up to a Netgear MR814v2 router. One is
wireless accessing the internet and has been working fine for a while
now (we will call it computer 1). I added the second one and I am
trying to run it without a monitor, keyboard, or mouse and just remote
into it (using remote desktop connection) from computer 1.
The problem is that the existing computer cannot see this new one. The
router has it connected and gave it an IP address (I can see it on the
router configuration page), but when I cannot ping it from computer 1.
I have gone into Windows and allowed Remote Desktop connections on
computer 2, but obviously if computer 1 can't even ping computer 2 it
won't be able to connect to it.
I have tried adding a permanent route (to computer 1) using

route -p add mask

but this doesn't help computer 1 see computer 2.

Any suggestions? Thanks.