Hey all,

Just wondering what software 'router'/internet sharing software for
Windows XP you prefer and why. Anything is okay (but no hardware or
*nix solutions please).

The way I see it, the main ones are WinGate, WinRoute (Firewall) and
SyGate (Office and Home) with SolidShare also out there. From the
little I've read, WinRoute has more features then SyGate. WinRoute amd
SyGate have the advantage of good built-in firewalls that are also
stand alone products. WinGate and SolidShare (and SyGate Home) have
firewalls but they aren't perhaps as versatile as the WinRoute and
SyGate (Office). But WinGate does have many features including the
good WinGate Redirector Service combined with the WinGate Internet
Client which can make the sharing more transparent for apps requiring
outgoing. There are probably a lot of other differences I missed.

Then there are others of course like Nat32, ICS, Microsoft ISA (altho
that's for Windows Server) etc. Interested to hear what people use and
what people would like to use (if they could afford it or whatever).

Also wondering