Upon check the specifications, HP recommendations, and newsgroups, I
now understand networking with the HP PhotoSmart P1000 printer is not
a reliable option (specifically, the P1000 does not work with a HP
JetDirect EX3; however, it mysteriously works with the SMC Barricade
7004BR router printer server).

But what networking the the Hewlett Packard Laserjet III printer with
the D-Link DP-311p?

I have networked the Hewlett Packard Laserjet III printer with various
HP Jetdirect devices for years (YES, YEARS). I was quite disappointed
to find the initial test failed -specifically the test print from the
DP-311P web page
Yes, I realize this is an older printer. But this printer just keeps
on going and going, etc.

At least this should be clearly noted, in the small print, on the
outside of the D-Link DP-311P box (the small print of technical
details which I read BEFORE I purchase an item).

Scott Bemis