It sure seems like I should be able to do this but I cannot get it to work.
I realize that this may not be the right group to ask this in but I'll bet
someone here has an answer.

All I want to do is connect to my own network via dial up to PPP from hotels
to avoid paying
for an isp and hotel phone charges. If I get this working I'll put a toll
free # on the modem.

I have a Win2K Pro machine connected via cable modem and static IP with 2
NICs. Nic 1 to the cable modem/static IP and Nic 2 to an internal network
pulling an IP from winproxy. I can easily live without Nic 2 if it would
I connected a brand new USR v.92 to the 2K Pro machine and set up an
Incoming Connection. I set Nic 1 to share it's stuff and play nice. Taking
Nic 2 out of the machine causes Nic 1 not to have a sharing tab btw.
Now I dial into 2K pro from XP pro, make a nice quick clean connection that
shows data moving to and fro in the status box BUT I can't do anything over
the net from the XP machine. It acts like there is no DNS, it just cannot
find hosts.

Thanks for any help