D-Link DP-311P, fails with HP Laserjet III & P1000

I recently "attached" a Dlink DP-311P to my home wireless network,
easily following the directions in the quick installation guide (set
switch in config mode, configure, turn on WEB, set SSID, set channel,
TCP/IP address, etc). This went quite smooth.
The question
What else, if anything, can I do, either for the HP Laserjet III
printer (to print from anything) or the HP PhotoSmart P1000 printer -
to print from Windows XP with the D-Link DP-311p?

The details.

With the proper power cycling,set switch back to normal mode, per the
directions, I connected the DP-311P to HP Laserjet III printer. Then
the "fun" began. I could access and configure the DP-311P from its url
fine. When running the test from the DP-311P WEB page, many characters
were dropped upon the print listing on the HP LaserJet III. I slowed
down the wireless speed to 1 Mbps. I disabled bi-directional printer
(set from auto to disable). There were still missing characters on the
test print (from the DP-311P test, not a Windows test page). I could
not find anything else to set. I looked for and could not find any
firmware upgrade (it is at version 1.00 June 2003). When the paper
tray was removed from the HP Lasejet III, the DP-311P correctly showed
this printer offline (status on the DP-311P web page).

So I went onto the next printer, a HP PhotoSmart P1000 printer. It
started to work better. The test page from the DP-311P web page
printed fine. The status, also on the DP-311P web page, showed the
correct model and features of the P1000 printer. I discovered this has
a Windows share name (undocumented though) - \\name of DP-311P\LP1. I
could print from a Windows CE 2.11 device to it via its network
printer. I also print from a HP iPaq 3635 using HP Mobile printing,
again using the \\name of DP-311P\LP1

However, I cannot print a Windows test page or anything else from a
computer running Windows XP to the HP PhotoSmart P1000 (using the
recommended Microsoft TCP/IP printing, LPR, set queue name either to
lp1 or LP1. I also enable LPR byte counting (it did not help nor hurt
this situation). I also had set the SNMP community names to match on
both sides (the DP-311P and the Windows XP SNMP). I also tried the
SMB; however, Windows XP could not connect to the \\name of
DP-311P\LP1 although I could browse it in network section. Note: The
DP-311P has the same workgroup name as my computers (no Windows domain
nor Active Directory at home).